Tiny House Design & Construction

As the bleak reality of our modern economy becomes apparent, many people are turning to tiny houses in Dallas-Ft. Worth as a way of maximizing their financial freedom by drastically reducing if not fully eliminating mortgage payments. The skilled craftsman at Veteran Handyman & Construction, with over 27 years experience in design & construction of tiny houses in Dallas-Ft. Worth, are your local tiny home experts. Offering 3 Do-It-Yourself kits for the mechanically inclined, VHC is also proud to offer 100% custom designs built from the ground up with your needs in mind. VHC is also a partner of Vivos underground survival shelters offering all-in-one housing & survival shelter solutions. We’re eager to make your dreams a reality.

Offering three packages with one sure to fit your needs:

DIY kits | Framed shells | 100% Custom Tiny Houses

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