5 Top Tips for finding an Home Improvement Contractor

Home Improvement Dreams

 “I’ve been dreaming of painting that wall  – forever – so it seems.  And what if we moved that wall? We’d have so much more room in the living room.  What about hardwood floors, wouldn’t they be beautiful?  We really need to consider some home improvement.” 

Sound familiar?


  “Yes, we really are overdue for improving our home but who do we trust to come into our house?  Who will do a good job and the whole process not be a stressful mess?”

These are really good questions to ask yourself before you hire a home improvement contractor and, believe me, you need a good contractorSomeone you can trust.

Home improvement can be a huge stress factor for a family.   Yet, a good contractor will do his best to put you at ease and help you enjoy the beauty that is building in your home.

To Do List when Hiring a Contractor

5 Top Tips to consider as you venture to hire a contractor for your home improvement:

  1. First of all, meet the contractor in person. Ask them questions – how long have you been contracting?  Do you enjoy it?  Why?
  2. Ask for References and check them out on Google. Almost all contractors of any size have reviews on Google.  Be aware that you can’t believe everything you read. If most of the reviews are positive, you are pretty safe.  Look at their responses to the negative reviews. Ask the contractor about those negative reviews and find out what really happened.
  3. Are they licensed and insured?
  4. Read every word of the contract. Ask questions, ask for a timeline.
  5. All contractors ask for a deposit up front. If they ask for the entire contract amount, do not use them.  If they ask you to pay without a contract, do not use them.  If they tell you “Just trust me.” Don’t trust them.  Be smart with your money.  A reputable contractor would never ask you to do any of these unprofessional business practices.


Most of all, don’t let fear or past experiences stop you from pursuing what you want for your home.  If you do the above suggestions, you will, most likely, weed out the bad contractors and be left with a great experience improving your home.

We at Veteran Handyman and Construction want your project to turn out the way you want with an enjoyable construction experience.  Contact us today for a quote on your home improvement today.

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